Why choose Tyre re-grooving by ForkLift Tyre Solutions?

Many fork-lift truck owners and operators, along with some Health and Safety Officers are under the misconception that once the tread has worn away from a solid resilient tyre that the tyres needs replacing. This is actually not always the case. Many fork-lift truck tyres are replaced prematurely when in fact, the truth could be that the tyre has actually up to 20% more usable rubber still remaining on the tyre.
On the side-wall of each solid resilient tyre is a wear indicator line, located at the base of the tread (known as the 60j line). Once the tread area has worn away the tyre can actually have a new tread re-grooved into the remaining rubber down to the depth of the 60j line.

Take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER pictures below to see the benefits of having your tyres re-grooved by ForkLift Tyre Solutions:


Enhanced safety.
Re-grooving increases the depth of the tyre tread and sharpens tread block edges, thereby improving wet grip. On wet surfaces, re-grooved tyres have a transverse grip and mobility which is approximately 10% greater when compared to un-regrooved tyres with the same remaining tread depth

Play Your Part In Preserving The Environment.
A re-grooved tyre has reduced rolling resistance by up to 25% compared with a new tyre, which means lower fuel consumption

Fewer raw materials.
Four re-grooved tyres represents one less manufactured tyre.

Less waste.
Four re-grooved tyres represent a reduction of one scrap tyre casing.

Significant Cost Savings.
Re-grooving your worn tyres can reduce the cost of replacing them significantly. Re-grooving your tyres will save your company HUNDREDS of pounds compared to replacing them with new tyres.

We provide forklift rental as well.


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