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bin bag or bin liner (British English) or garbage bag, or trash bag (American English) is a disposable bag used to contain rubbish, or the North American equivalent trash or garbage.  We provide Strong and durable garbage bag in various sizes and thickness to fit customers’ requirements.  All sizes and thickness is ready stock in our warehouse to meet customers’ immediate delivery and ready to supply in big quantity.  We also provide special requirements and customized Garbage bag for you in just 3 to 4 working days.

Black Garbage bag come in size 19×19, 20×24, 22×28, 23×28, 23×30, 30×34, 30×39, 33×44, 36×44, 36×48, 30×52, 43×52, 50×50, 50×52, 50×56 (Dimension in Inches)

Transparent/Translucent Garbage bag – Transparent/Translucent Garbage bag are made with a premium blend of high-quality material and offer high performance.  Certain Places like Airports, Banks, Hotels etc. require using transparent garbage bags for security reasons.

Sizes comes in 19×19, 30×34, 30×39, 36×48, 50×52 (Dimension in Inches)

White Garbage bag – White Garbage bag are made from Grade AA white resin materials which  produce high quality bag.  Places like Hotels, Shopping Centres, Offices etc. uses white colour which gives a much elegant presentation.

Sizes comes in 18×18, 19×19, 20×24, 23×23, 23×30, 24×25, 30×39, 36×48 (Dimension in Inches)

Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/White Garbage Bag is made from Heavy Duty resin materials which can withstand heavy dispose of waste.  Size come in 36×48 inch and 23×30 inch only come in Blue. Contact Us now!


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